Sunday, February 19, 2012

Title:  Yes I think I'm Sexy and I Know It
Size:  14"x17"
Media:  Colored Pencil on Bistol Board

Thanks to Rosalind Amovin for the reference photo.*s0OZ9CSQNJmO8G1Q/028.JPG
Rosalind says Rosco is her sister's dog and he is always up to something, here he actually has a rock in his mouth that he wouldn't let go off.  I just thought he was so homely he was darling and a perfect way for me to continue working on my fur techniques.   Still got a ways to go however, doesn't look so bad in the photo but in person you wan see the individual hairs and want to get to giving the illusion without the look at just marks, so it's back to the practice board.  But he is a nice addition to my dog portfolio.